Tips To Choose The Best CMS – WordPress or ModX

Content management system is the backbone of a website as it helps in managing the content that either makes or breaks the website. Content management systems power 25% of the websites across the world. Although there are scores of CMSs in the market only a few have been able to create an impact. When we talk of CMSs, the names that strike our mind are WordPress and ModX. Both of them are extremely popular and have their own pros and cons.

WordPress: What Makes It the King of CMSs

Talking about WordPress, it is the most used content management system and website builder in the world. Powering close to 25% of the websites globally, WordPress is truly the king of CMS. Since its inception in 2004, it has changed the face of blogging and with new updates and plugins, lets you build more than just blogs. There are several striking attributes of WordPress that will let you build websites with breathtaking features with least effort.

The popularity of WordPress stems from the ease of website development and unmatched themes, templates and plugin support that the community provides. The fact that the platform is open-source only adds to the magnificence. WordPress was essentially used for blogging websites but gradually, it is opening up to broader horizons like e-commerce portals as well. Thanks to the plugins, you can add some nifty features to your WordPress website and extend its functionality to make it perform with enhanced qualities.

Although creating blogs is its forte, WordPress is equally good at development of website portal and enterprise solutions. There are a plethora of plugins that help you create websites and manage the membership. When you build a full-fledged e-commerce portal using WordPress, you can explore a range of plugins that can let you sell products, manage the membership, offer payment and other such stuff. Small and medium sized business can take advantage of WordPress and succeed by implementing digital marketing strategies.

Benefits from WordPress at a Glance:

  • There is a dedicated support community of WordPress which is always striving to innovate and come up with advanced features.
  • WordPress gives immense control to the webmaster in terms of customization as it makes the process absolutely effortless for the users with no programming or designing knowledge.
  • WordPress has come a long way from being a blog creator to an efficient content management system.
  • There are no security issues with WordPress as new versions are released frequently out on a regular basis.

Ideal for

  • Blogging websites
  • Forum websites
  • Small e-commerce websites
  • Content based websites like magazines or news.
  • Enterprise websites

ModX: The Dark Horse of CMSs

Another CMS that is under discussion today is ModX. Although not as popular as WordPress, ModX has certain qualities that no other CMS can boast of. ModX is a CMS that offers unmatched flexibility and freedom to design the websites in a manner the business requires. There is enough scope for the designers to utilize the creativity and, in turn, produce a design that contributes to an awesome user experience.

ModX also doubles up as Web application development framework and can be deployed to create feature-packed websites. ModX is written in PHP language and is compatible with MySQL and My SQL server database. ModX is a developer friendly CMS and if you have expert developers on board, you take your website to a very high level of customization. Even without the aid of developers, there are a plenty of customization options that no other CMS offers you. It is an award winning CMS and complies with the web standards laid down by W3C.

Many large and well-known enterprises like mademyday.com, design delux, Toasted Digital, etc. have implemented ModX for their website development. As the scope to customize is on the higher side, this CMS is used by the businesses that are very particular about each and every detail of the website and make sure that the overall look and feel is completely in sync with the vision and idea that backs the business.

Advantages that a business can reap with ModX

ModX has many specialties and one of them is the ability to build diverse kinds of websites with great designs and features. This is possible due to several add-ons and extensions available with ModX, called the Extras. These extras empower the developers to add several useful functionalities to the websites and extend its capabilities. ModX is also equipped with a sophisticated and easy-to-follow programming interface that is a boon for the developers to create sites with a host of features and visually appealing design customized to suit the requirements. Using ModX, you can have simple blog websites as well as complex enterprise websites developed with ease.

  • Full control over the markup of the website.
  • It is a developer and designer-friendly CMS that gives them the liberty to do things they like.
  • As the CMS is written in PHP, finding developers for customization is not an uphill task.
  • There are no constraints related to the design framework and there is no theming as opposed to other CMSs.
  • Help from the ModX forum is comparatively fast and useful.
  • ModX is quite secure and search engine optimization friendly.
  • There are hundreds of add-ons that are available for the users to choose from and extend the website’s aesthetic value and functionalities.

Ideal For

  • Large websites with varied features and a blog too.
  • Totally customized websites with full control over the CMS.

Wrap Up

If just one CMS would be able to cater all the diverse requirements, there would not have been the need for so many of them. WordPress and ModX have different roles to play in the website development domain; however, the roles do overlap. As the post has made it quite clear that which one of these is best at what, the prospective companies interested in getting their website developed can take a call depending on the nature of the website, the features they wish to add and degree of customization they need.


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