Divi 2.4 WordPress Theme: 1000+ Design Settings & Theme Customizer Controls

The developer of the Divi WordPress theme just recently releases one of the biggest update in the product’s history with the new version 2.4 releases. Divi, an ElegantThemes’ flagship theme, has already gained a lot of popularity, and this popularity is still on the rise. The revamped 2.4 version comes with all features enhanced including the Divi page builder, the Module sections as well as the Library where the layouts and the individual layout elements can be saved, stored, and edited.

Divi 2.4 WordPress ThemeIn the new version, the page builder can also be used as a post builder and you can now enjoy a markedly improved user interface. There are also a number of many other improvements and additions and this includes a total makeover of the Customizer’ feature.

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Divi 2.4 WordPress Theme Overview

A sneak peek into several of the recent Elegant Themes’ gave the new WordPress theme world an in-depth look pertaining to what was being planned for inclusion in the Divi 2.4 upgrade, and this gave us all quite the impression. The theme is now out, turning what had been in planning into reality, and that reality turns out to be pretty impressive. So, what does the new version entail?

  • New Module Setting Features

Divi 2.4 Library Elements WordPress ThemeThe Divi 2.4 version comes with an implementation of large new module setting features’ which affects the page-building module of each and every page, thus giving website developers much more flexibility. The flexibility accorded here is measurable in an order of magnitude, so you get to decide how flexible you want to be in your designs.

  • A New User-friendly Divi Builder Interface

Divi Module Customizer ThemeThe builder interface has been reworked and its functionality increased, making it more navigable and streamlined.

  • A Completely New Addition

The Divi Library – previously referred to as the Saved Layouts Function’, the all new Divi Library combines the previous Saved Layouts’ Function of saving your layout while bringing in the capacity to store a greater number of layouts. Better still, with the new Divi Library, you can edit the layout elements while storing them simultaneously.

  • The Globalization of Page and Library Elements

divi 2.4 library WordPress ThemeThis is probably one of the most intuitive and powerful new features in the 2.4 version. The globalization feature will work to add a whole new dimension to the usability of Divi in Web development by being a potentially saving a huge amount of time in page and website development.

There are many more features on Divi v2.4, this being just a simple excerpt. There is simply no version upgrade that can possibly match the many additions coming along with this new version. We will have a preview on some of the main additions and enhancements on the Divi 2.4 WordPress Theme.

A Closer Look: Enhancements and Additions on Divi v2.4

  1. Advanced Module Settings and Custom CSS

Divi 2.4 WordPress Module Setting ThemeThe Advanced Module Settings is one of the focus points for the most valuable enhancements in the v2.4 upgrade. Divi’s building blocks are modules and the many features that are embedded in them make them some of the most versatile blocks of page building currently in the market. To make things even juicier, advanced design settings have been added to every other Divi module, giving users the widest array of customizable options. You can now enter Custom CSS directly into a building block for an almost limitless flexibility.

  1. Re-invented Page Builder Interface

Advanced Module Settings & Custom CSS WordPress ThemeDivi’s page builder has over time become a popular and highly productive tool. The Page Builder has undergone several improvements over time, with the builder’s user interface been left lagging behind. Well, this is not the case anymore. The interface has not only been upgraded but in fact re-invented; with the incorporation of new features of display alongside improved navigability. The modifications have closely been integrated with the new Library enhancements and the new module settings, making Divi as a whole become much more nimble.

  1. The Divi Post Builder

Divi’s new post-building feature comes as an essential enhancement to the Page building functionality. This upgrade was in recognition of enhancing the page-building functionality in addressing the need to create posts. This feature comes as the new post title module’ providing the developer with various options such as Title, Meta, and Image Block options as well as configurations.

  1. The Divi Library: An All-New Inclusion

Divi Library WordPress ThemeThe new Devi library is much more than the basic saving and storing layouts; you can now store, retrieve, import, export and/or even edit your layouts while they are still in the Library. Better still, the elements of individual layouts can also be stored and edited separately while still in the library. Layout elements can now be accessed from either a page or the library, making the all-new Divi Library more than just a repository, being fully integrated into the theme’s process of page building.

  1. Global Page Elements

With Divi 2.4 WordPress Theme, you will not need to hire a bookkeeper in order to keep track of page element changes, or even have to make page-by-page changes. The Global Page Element feature saves you this trouble while saving you loads of time. How does it work? Every time an element is updated, the update runs everywhere, and you can update your element(s) either on a page or in the Divi Library.

  1. Revamped Customizer: Greater Versatility

The v2.4 Divi Customizer has undergone a complete revamp; actually going through all details here would take forever. In summary, some of the improved features include: enhanced control of theme gutters, body and heading text setting enhancements that go along with web content as well as sidebar widths and so much more.

The Pros and Cons

The new Divi 2.4 version has proved to come with a myriad of positive features. If there are any negatives, they lie towards the negligible edge. Beginners may first be overwhelmed with the wealth of new features available, and issue easily mitigated with the active support and documentation at the users disposal. The steep learning curve may be the only missing thing, but this is hardly a negative.

Is it Worth the Buy?

Yes, totally worth every penny you invest in it. It is the best theme yet but still at a greatly reasonable value.

In Conclusion

The inclusion of the Global Module Settings is the real showstopper here, with a great influence on theme versatility. The whole new upgrade can be summarized in terms of the significant increase in the number of layout possibilities at your disposal, with easily customizable interfaces easily stored in a new yet larger library. In short, you can create your Layouts in a more adaptable yet versatile environment than ever before. You are in luck if you hold a Divi License. If not, you now have the chance to own the most intuitive and popular WordPress themes on the market yet.

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