7 Best Practices for a Memorable Ad Design

It is not that simple to market a product and create an image in the mind of the buyer. You need to think out of the box so that people get attracted to what you are selling. Ads are placed at key public areas so that people can view product features and know what it is placing on the table for them. Simply getting a collage of images printed does not mean that people would create an image worth remembering in their minds. You need to come up with a unique concept and ensure that a message is being delivered to the audience. A lack of clarity can actually convince the buyer to convince other options. As you are pitching your product through an ad design, make sure that you have a list of constituents in mind.

A quick glance at what you should be doing

If you have a list of important points for creating an ad design, no difficulties are faced at all. However, if you are planning on experimenting, positive customer feedback is not guaranteed.

Here are 7 of the many tips you should be following

1. Using a reverse image search to get the most impactful ad

A picture equals a thousand words and this statement is truthful in every way. If you want people to notice the product billboard, beef it with unique pictures, and finding them depends on the searching method you are using.

Reverse image search involves the use of a picture to search for all images that relate to it. For instance, consider that you want to include a collage of shoes worn by all James Bond Characters. It would be hard to find even half of them through text-based searching. Therefore, to make your product billboard look innovative, choose an image of one James Bond character and all the related pictures will be shown to you. It is important to remember that the pictures you use for ads create a lot of difference. Simply including a string of the most common snapshots would not do any good to you. In other words, a unique marketing pitch will not be made.

This searching method can help you in getting your hands on the most unique pictures. This helps in making a product immensely successful. After all, when people notice something, they are encouraged to but it as well. To conduct a reverse photo lookup process, you can either use the default process involving Google or use one of the many online software available for this purpose.

2. Deliver a short message

Do not confuse the buyer by printing a detailed promotional text chunk on the ad. People usually do not get convinced with these tactics anymore. Instead, be factual and opt for short messages. Something like “This is the best” or “we offer the finest” is completely ignored by buyers and viewers.

3. The color scheme should be carefully picked

An ad should not be torturous for people in any way. Some brands choose the sharpest shades to get noticed. Unfortunately, no one would want to face eye discomfort irrespective of how innovative the product is. Even if you have vibrant colors as a part of the overall combination, they should be blended well. More than anything, the combination should pitch the product theme well. If you are promoting a denim brand and the signature blue color has not been used, people would get confused.

4. Being humorous can help

People do get attracted to funny things if they make sense with the ad design. You can use comic images of humans or anime characters to get attention. Do not stuff this unnecessarily if the requirement is not there.

5. The importance of one-liners

Instead of writing detailed paragraphs about how good your product is, including catchy one-liners is a much better option. Be crisp in what you present as this helps with productive customer interaction. Being witty and promotional at the same time is the key.

6. Team/product manager photos are a terrible way out

For the consumer, the actual product makes the difference and not the team that is being it. Therefore, a group photo of the marketing team or design group would not be of any benefit. Instead, pay attention to the inclusion of more unique snapshots through reverse searching or any other method. The eventual goal is the creation of a positive product appeal and not a formal team introduction.

This method used to work about a decade ago and companies use to include group photos of the team or single snapshots of the production personnel. It is a much faster time span these days and buyers are only interested in what they are paying for. No one would want to see the brain even behind the most popular product.

7. Selecting the location that would get business

New York City: Manhattan NYC buildings of midtown Times Square, Broadway avenue road, signs ads


Ads are not small-scaled investments do placing them in a dark deserted lane would just be wasting money. The key mindset here is choosing a location where it gets noticed by most people.

You would see that most brand owners choose traffic signals. This is where people pause while driving and have nothing else to do. Hence, they would definitely have a glance at your product. High rise buildings are another option you can opt for. People usually glance at them while driving or commuting. Hence, products easily get noticed.

Summing it Up

People usually buy products which they remember easily. This depends on when and where they view it. Ads are placed at public spots that are crossed by several people each day. For instance, if you have selected the top of a bank head office building as the spot, a lot of people including employees would notice it. Secondly, images, color scheme, and text captions used also make a lot of difference. In an overall manner, the design concept should be unique and product-related.

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