Pros & Cons of WordPress Page Builder Plugins¬

The Pros & Cons of WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Website building platforms have changed a lot in recent years. It has allowed non-technical persons to create fabulous websites with desired features and functionalities. WordPress website creators always look for resources that could do almost all things when they create websites.

WordPress page builders are plugins that add drag-and-drop functionality to your website backend. It allows you to create and customize new WordPress sites easily without writing any code.

Both, beginners as well as experts use WordPress page builders to build their favorite WordPress sites. However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of using WordPress page builder plugins. Therefore, have a look at some of their main pros and cons.

Pros of using WordPress Page Builders

Pros of using WordPress page builders1. A Boon For Non-Technical Persons

There are numerous people who dream of building professional and good looking websites, but they hesitate to do so because of the lack of coding knowledge. Such individuals can also create user-friendly websites using WordPress page builder plugins.

As a matter of fact, most of the WordPress page builder plugins come with a front-end editor functionality. It allows you to add all necessary elements to your WordPress site and customize the site in accordance with your needs. You can see your changes in a “live preview” option and can make the necessary changes if required.

2. Just One Plugin For All Website Features

One of the greatest advantages of using a WordPress page builder plugin is that it offers all-in-one functionality. It means, by using a particular page builder, you can perform the various functions of your website easily such as adding galleries, pricing tables, image carousels, social sharing buttons to WordPress sites and perform website customization. This eliminates the need of installing numerous premium plugins on WordPress sites for different features. It also helps you to save lots of your hard-earned money. It is suitable for those individuals who have restricted budget for creating new websites.

3. Standardization Of The Content Creation Process

If you create WordPress websites for your clients, it is very difficult to maintain uniqueness in new websites you create every day. The bitter truth is that most of the websites created by you share similar characteristics more or less.

If you want to finish the website development work easily and quickly while maintaining the expected quality, you will have to standardize the development process. In lieu of creating a new website from scratch every time, you can easily make a basic prototype of a particular type of website once and use that model again and again. It helps you to perform your tasks easily and get some relief in web development works.

4. A Great Ease In Conversion Rate Optimization

Testing all elements of a website from time-to-time helps you to know the shortcomings in your web site design and development works. It helps you to do away with those errors and use the right design format for the success of your site.

In other words, it is called CRO (conversion rate optimization). It involves plenty of data about the use of your website and how visitors are behaving with your offerings. Using that data, you can conduct A/B tests and create highly converting pages with the help of a page builder plugin.


Cons of using WordPress page builders

Cons of using WordPress page builders1. Over-Dependency Can Invite Many Problems

WordPress page builders do increase your ability to create appealing WordPress sites without any coding knowledge. But, it may create problems for you when you want to delete the plugin from your site.

Actually, WordPress page builders automatically change your layout into its matching modular shortcodes. Using these shortcodes and lots of customization options, it creates complex designs easily.

You must know that shortcodes are plugin-specific. As soon as you remove the page builder plugin from your site, all the shortcodes created by the plugin will become ineffective. This will jeopardize your site’s design. It means you will have to redesign your site once again using that specific plugin if you want to maintain and continue the existing look of your site.

2. Can Make Your Site Slow

You may be tempted to use WordPress page builders because of the tons of features they contain. But, be careful and use it sensibly. Although they keep you away from the need of installing a number of single-feature plugins on your site, they consume a considerable amount of space on your site’s server. Also, the shortcodes that you use on your site can affect its loading speed negatively.

This can make your site slow, which may negatively affect its search engine ranking and the browsing experience of visitors

3. Not Suitable For All

WordPress page builders are not suitable for creative-minded website makers. You should get your website designed by the professional web developers if you want to make your site stand out from others and generate handsome revenues through it.

Concluding Remarks

Using WordPress page builders (for the creation of WordPress websites) are beneficial from a business perspective. But, it has some disadvantages as well. Just evaluate the above-mentioned pros and cons of WordPress page builders and make your mind whether you should use it or not.

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Tracey Jones is well-known as a certified WordPress developer with vast experience in research and development field. She works with a leading WordPress web development company, HireWPGeeks Ltd. When not busy with coding, she loves to write about the WordPress and always on the way of learning something new.

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