How find and install WordPress Theme for your site?

Okay so you have found your host, and managed to install WordPress to your site and you have it up and running, what now? You need to find WordPress themes that work for you.

WordPress themes are powerful tools that control the way your site looks and also the manner in which content is delivered. Fortunately there is plethora of WordPress themes available with a multitude of uses in mind. Figuring out what exactly you want to do with your site is half the battle, finding the WordPress themes that suit your need are the other half. this is officially the website for WordPress themes, you can something that will suit most of your needs there, if you have specifics you need that none of the WordPress themes there fit your needs, you can modify existing themes or create new ones from scratch. Even you can find some premium professionally coded WP themes from developers.

This level of customization allows you to deliver the content experience to the end user, that you wish, only limited by your imagination. A few ways to install WordPress themes:-

Option 1: Through the WP Admin panel

WP Admin Theme Install

  • Go to the WordPress Admin panel.
  • Select the panel for appearance, and Go to themes, then select the sub-menu, you may alternatively use the search function to find the theme you ant to install.
  • Select the preview link to see how your site will look once the theme is applied.
  • If satisfied then go ahead and install.

Option 2: Through the Cpanel

WP Theme install Using cPanel File Manager

  • Go to Cpanel from the host provider logins
  • In File Management -> File Manager
  • Select the theme installed directory to open
  • Find the folder -> wp-content/themes/
  • Upload the folder
  • Unzip the theme and extract it
  • Go to WP Admin panel under “Appearance” -> Theme -> Activate it.

Option 3: Upload Theme via FTP

WP Theme Install Using ftpFileZilla is the one of best free open source for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for web designers and user friendly. You can download it for free on Windows and Mac Versions.

You can simply follow these steps:

  • Login with host, username, password and port information given by purchased or owned host provider.
  • Go to WP-content -> Themes -> Upload the theme files
  • Go to WP Admin panel -> Appearance -> Theme -> Activate it.

Even you can find more information on these processes here

I hope that this article has assisted you in getting up theme installed and running with your WordPress site.

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