What’s New With WordPress 3.7.1?

WordPress-3-7-1WordPress 3.6 has created many controversies when it was firstly launched, determining web developers around the world to start using this platform for improving the quality of their websites and create valuable content for the potential visitors. With the newly launched WordPress 3.7.1 however, things change at a great deal, primarily because web developers from all over the world gain new opportunities in terms of SEO, design and functionality, having the possibility to bring new updates to their websites.

Automatic Updates

What is new with WordPress 3.7.1? In the first place, all the updates are automatic, which means that you will not have to update from 3.7 to 3.7.1 manually. No user input is needed, because once you install or update your current version of WordPress to 3.7.1, the updates will be done automatically. This feature is extremely impressive, especially because your website will not suffer any modification during this process, which will take you a short time anyway.

Language Packs Support

The new WordPress 3.7.1 offers better support for the language packs, so you will manage to install plug-ins, fetch the language files and work on your WordPress-based website in your language without the need to make any additional updates, manual changes or install other plug-ins. Before this version, users needed to edit the language files and translate every phrase to their native language, spending not only plenty of time, but also important resources. With the WordPress 3.7.1, things change substantially and you will only have to install the necessary language pack to your server using either the Plug-ins section of your WordPress account or your FTP account.

Powerful Password Meter

Plus, WordPress 3.7.1 comes with improved security for both your website and potential customers or visitors, integrating a powerful password meter that will automatically help them choose the strongest passwords for their accounts. Given that WordPress is not as safe as other platforms and it might be predisposed to other potential bugs, this feature is actually very important, especially if you plan to create a full user database.

Search Results Displayed by Relevance

Unlike the previous versions of WordPress, 3.7.1 will improve the quality of the search results by providing the visitors with a better form and an advanced script that will order the results by relevance instead of date. For instance, if one of the posts already published on your website matches the search term(s) perfectly, it will be automatically displayed on the top of the other results as the most relevant one. This will help your visitors save some precious minutes and they will be more satisfied with the results they will find.

The Bottom Line

In the end, WordPress 3.7.1 is probably the most appreciated version that has been ever released, providing web developers with a great and improved experience. Security becomes now a past problem that does not deserve any other attention and users gain better access to all the functions and features of this platform. Even though WordPress 3.6 was launched only 2 months ago, the 3.7.1 version has become the most popular and appreciated one because of the ease of use and impressive quality.


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