UI Trends For A Thriving Mcommerce Store

UI Trends For A Thriving M-commerce Store

E-commerce is growing in popularity, and this is the reason it is named into one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry. What is the reason mobile commerce has been such a popular thing in the business? The sole answer is that people are growing busier, and they are searching for things that can help them to complete their daily chores with ease.

As per the latest reports, we are well aware of the fact that the traffic received from mobile devices has certainly surpassed the traffic coming from the desktop devices. These burgeoning sales which are due to the portability and ease of usage have now become the biggest reason people are opting in for mobile devices.

However, with changing times the trends are also changing, and this is the reason we need to adopt the trends if we need to thrive. 

As per a survey from Marketingland.com, 3.65 billion unique people use mobile phones and out of them around 1.2 billion people that use mobile devices to access the internet. Moreover, as per Statista.com, one of the most trusted analysis websites reports that there are about 34% of the buyers that search the products from their mobile devices.

When it comes to rendering a good mobile experience you need to face the following things:

  • Homepage or landing pages
  • Site-wide navigation,
  • Search results,
  • Trending items,
  • Search sorting and filtering,
  • Category pages,
  • Photo galleries,
  • Shopping carts,
  • Checking out pages 

That’s it! Well, the list is not too long, and all you need is the focus on delivering this with utmost care.

What makes m-Commerce a Towering technology?

To prove that mobile commerce is rising, we have a report from Nielsen that says that four out of every five users use mobile devices to make the purchase. Looking at the growing popularity of mobile devices, Google also launched an algorithm that keeps a check on websites that are not mobile-friendly.

An unfettered User Interface

User Interface has a very deep impact on people purchasing decision, and mostly it happens that a user interface allures the users to purchase the goods from their website. This is because without a good interface one cannot communicate easily with the users and this the reason sales do not go high.

The most important thing that you need to consider while designing for Smartphone apps is that you need to keep in mind how to deliver the best on such a small screen display. Apart from possessing aesthetic beauty, you do need to make sure that your mobile website renders an awesome user experience.

Simplicity is the best policy

As a user, I think simplicity is the best policy as I do not like to search thoroughly to find out a particular thing on our website. This is the reason you need to pay special attention while placing objects on your website as people do not like to invest time in finding out what is kept where. This is the reason you need to keep your website simple and subtle so that the users can easily find out what they are looking for.

You do not want your users to roam on your website and go without achieving anything.

Scrolling is required, No Clicking

With such a high competition users easily switch to other websites that render a good user experience. The availability of a lot of options allows the users to switch to other websites that offer incredible services.

To deliver an unfettered experience you can make them scroll through the website rather than asking them to click. When it comes to small devices, it is better to scroll rather than clicking as the icons are quite small, and you might end up doing something else which you do not desire to do.

This was the reason parallax web design came into the picture, and now people are making sure to deliver a smooth scrolling user experience.

Payment Choices are must

We keep on listening to several news about fraudulent lingering in the internet space and this is the reason people hesitate to share their bank details online. Moreover, if your website does not cater to the different needs of different people. Else be prepared to get abandoned.

To make sure that the customers who come on board complete the shopping process you need to make sure that your website provides all the necessary payment options. This implies that apart from PayPal, Skrill or any other payment option you also need to incorporate COD.

Make Buying simple

People do mobile shopping because they need to save their time. Wherein incorporating an ample lot of steps in buying process makes it difficult for the users to save time while going online.

This is the reason they abandon websites that provide lengthy checkout process. 

Therefore, to render a good user experience, you need to cut short the number of steps in your checkout process. Make sure that you pick only the crucial steps and then incorporate them into your website.

Add Product Comparison Feature

As a buyer, you and I also cudgel every market before making a purchase, and this is a very common habit of any buyer. Looking at this common habit, online shoppers have introduced and an extremely exciting feature called as product comparison. Using this feature, you can compare products of different brands, and this helps you to make a good purchasing decisions.

This is a certainly a unique feature which is not incorporated by a lot of websites yet, and it also helps you to create an impact on the users. To gain a sure footing in this cut throat competitive world, you need to earn the trust of the users, and this is a great feature to do that. After getting a good service once the users will certainly come back to your website.


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