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Is a Private Server the Best Option for your Tech Site!

Everyone will have to agree with me that Private web hosting is vastly gaining popularity among Internet users. Use of virtual private servers (VPNs) has taken over the web hosting industry with many web owners preferring to use VPNs over other forms of shared web hosting.

A private server is a web hosting option where hosting is done by isolating it from public servers. The private server can also be segregated from the main physical server to multiple servers with their own operating systems and dedicated hardware. Unlike shared servers, private servers offer a great way to customize and make resource servers more flexible. Thanks to increased awareness, more people are getting to know the advantages of private servers and embracing them as a viable form of web hosting.

Here are the 8 main reasons private servers are considered a better option compared to other servers.

1. Private servers are cheap

If cost is a determining factor, and you are working on a tight budget, then private servers are the best option for you. Private servers utilize simple software and hardware that make them pocket-friendly to users while delivering full-time optimal functionality. Furthermore, VPS hosting has made it even easier and is less costly for tech users when compared to a shared hosting plans that often require a physical server. The affordable costs give private servers a high rate of preference among web owners as compared to shared servers.

2. Enhanced security

Using private servers is relatively more secure than using a shared server. When using a private server, you can control the programs you access via your server. Since you are the only one using the server, there are significantly reduced possibilities of viruses and malware. Using a private server tremendously minimizes the numerous security risks associated with a shared hosting system. VPS hosting is also more secure than shared hosting servers. Since the respective servers are separate from each other, each of your sites gets an operating system of its own hence making the malicious invasion of security difficult. The safety of the private server is your responsibility as web owner as you can install your choice of security programs on your server.

3. Huge space and bandwidth

When using private servers, the amount of disk space and bandwidth allocated to you is not limited. It is made possible since no one is sharing the server with you. Therefore, private servers give the users adequate storage space for all our projects.

4. Ease of control

A private server gives web owners more control over the server programming than any other form of web hosting. It gives the user the freedom to add their preferred programs, applications and also scripts. The ability to provide easier controlling capability makes the private servers more flexible ad secure at the same time. VPS packages often come with efficient control panels to aid in the management of tasks such as starting and stopping of the server, domains and adding users. However, the type of hosting depends mainly on your budget and site needs. Therefore, it is vital that you make a prudent decision regarding the programs that you introduce and change.

5. Faster server performance

The performance of private servers is usually high compared to shared servers. Private servers are only used by a single user. As a result, there is diminished traffic to the server as in the case of shared servers. Therefore, users are saved from the unnecessary drain on resources such as bandwidth that could otherwise lead to slow response and slow loading time. Private hosting platforms have also showed high-performance rates. Thanks to carefully selected and allocated resources in terms of CPU and memory. Thus, they deliver quality service regardless of the amount of programs you are running on the server. You have to choose the speed and space you need for your server, which is dependent on the type of programs and work to be done.Due to high performance associated with the private servers, they are widely gaining appreciation from many web owners.

6. No website Blacklisting

Have you ever tried to search for your site in various search engines with no success? Then your site is most likely blacklisted from the shared server you are using. Many people have fallen victim to blacklisting of their websites on shared servers. What mainly causes this is the spamming of websites by malicious individuals who eventually cause it to be rejected by search engines. Using private servers could easily protect you from such situations since you are the sole user hence no occasional interruptions to your work that might occur due to inappropriate activities on shared servers. However, you must ensure you practice ethical activities on your site since. Any evidence of unethical activities will automatically lead to blacklisting incidences.

7. Easy customization

Private servers enable you to easily but efficiently customize your servers to your preferred style without any strain. For example, VPS hosting allows website owners to install easily third party software to the server for purposes of increased efficiency. The user partitioning option available in private servers also enables you to customize the firewall configurations to suit your style of use. One can also take advantage of private server’s ease of customization to make innovative adjustments to their sites without any limitations.

8. Easy scalability

Private servers are considered by many users to be easily scalable. One can start off with the minimum amount of resources available and then increase the hosting plans gradually as they grow to accommodate their ever-changing needs and preferences. There is no need to pay huge sums of money for resources that you have not grown into yet.

If you are searching for the best alternative to web hosting for your tech site, then private servers are the best option for a faster and efficient website. Making the right choice will attract huge traffic due to enhanced security and great responsiveness. Strive to operate the server well and make necessary adjustments following changes in your business and advancements in technology.

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