Get your eCommerce Store a Blog ASAP

Over 76 percent of all businesses now have websites, and more than 54 percent of eCommerce stores now have blogs. Often times though, the small eCommerce store owners presume that they should just focus on selling their products rather than looking into the advertising potential of a content rich blog.

More Than Just Promotions

Many of the eCommerce stores that have started running blogs only use their blogs to post sales promotions. They assume that this will be enough to increase their page rankings and to implement their search engine optimization strategy. However, customers and browsers are not looking for information on sales except in particular situations. If you want to increase your online profile, you need to make sure that your blog contains quality content.

Give Them a Reason to Come Back

It’s important to give customers a reason to come back when you build your eCommerce site. You can do this in a number of ways with quality content. How-to articles and instructional videos on how to set up stores or something else that will help them accomplish something is some of the most popular styles. The goal in the content is to fulfill a need.

When you start to create resources that satisfy your viewers’ needs, you accomplish two things. First, you set it up so that viewers have a reason to come to your website. Second, you make them feel that you have helped them by answering their questions. This, in turn, makes them more likely to purchase products from your eCommerce store.

Give Your Store a Face

Ink & Rags Couture eCommerce Blog ThemeOne of the perks of online shopping is that it can be completely anonymous. The problem with this is that your customers are not going to be as likely to form that bond with your eCommerce store. Creating customer loyalty requires that you create a connection. Providing quality content can go a long way toward giving your potential customers a reason to feel loyal toward your business.

It goes beyond just providing quality content though. When you provide content that has a personality and reveals the heart and soul of your business, you can create an emotional connection between your viewers and your business. The content on your blog can give your store a face. This can be done by using first person in some scenarios when it’s appropriate. It can also be done even better by making it conversational and addressing the readers specifically.

Increase Your Site’s Rank

Google algorithms provide a numerous reasons for stocking up on great content. Blogs provide an excellent reason to regularly update your website. When you put the time into your business’s blog but only focus on promotions, Google will not recognize your site as providing high quality content. If you provide content rich and keyword focused blog posts, you will be able to demonstrate to Google that you should be ranked higher. This will eventually be reflected in your site’s rank in the search engines. The higher your rank, the more likely you are to reach the customers you desire.

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