difference between an HTML and WordPress

The difference between an HTML and WordPress site

Among the many alternatives offered by the market, we have certainly heard WordPress and HTML as tools to make a web page. But what is the difference and what is the most convenient solution? A user who enters a web page will probably not notice the difference between one made in WordPress and one made in Html. The big difference lies in the administration where a system allows us a great access and ease of use (WordPress) unlike the other one that is more complex to administer (Html).

HTML vs WordPress

difference between an HTML and WordPress

Let’s understand how the two systems work:


It is a language of labels. Without going too far into the details, Html combined with two other languages (CSS and JavaScript) that until the arrival of the CMS was the main way to create web pages. Basically, there is nothing that can not be done with the union of these 3 languages, but as you can imagine, programming is quite difficult for those who are not experts. The advantage of creating the web page in Html is that we can reproduce any graphics style that we have in mind, animations, interactivity, etc. However, the creation, management, and administration should always be carried out by a professional, as it is very complex and even a small error in the code could ruin all the work done so far.


It is a content management system (CMS), which allows us to create a website through a very easy-to-use platform. The advantages of this technology are many, for example, in the market, there are thousands of WordPress themes already done, we just have to choose the one that best suits our expectations, change the images and text, and our website will be almost ready. In addition, there are many add-ons, such as reservation systems, which will allow us to obtain the specifications we want for our site. Basically, once we complete our website, managing it will be very simple through its interactive and intuitive panel and maintenance will be reduced.


Do you want a small VITRINE site? An HTML site allows you to get a simple and effective website.

If you do not want to add/modify/delete text and images regularly or do not make changes yourself, an HTML site is highly recommended.

Advantages of an HTML site

  • The work is done locally, on a computer
  • The visual of the site, the links, the images, etc… are integrated with the site by using the HTML code and the style sheets (CSS)
  • A database is not necessary
  • Transferring an HTML site quickly and easily via FTP (file transfer protocol)
  • No update should be done contrary to the use of a WordPress module (which reduces costs)
  • Changes to your site are simple as works
  • A version in a second language is easily done
  • Thousands of models are available inexpensively
  • SEO can be effective

HTML files on your site can be viewed locally on your computer.

Disadvantages of an HTML site

  • In order to be able to make changes yourself, you must have good knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Unlike a CMS site, changes must be made manually (example: changing the menu)
  • Most features require the purchase of scripts and more elaborate work than in WordPress (“JavaScript” or “PHP”)

No matter the language used for a site (PHP, asp, etc.) there is a conversion to HTML at the server because all browsers only display this language.  Http:// and Https:// = Hypertext transfer protocol .

WordPress site

If you want to make changes to your site yourself or make additions regularly, you are strongly recommended to use a WordPress site. This module also allows you to obtain high-performance features.

Benefits of a WordPress site

  • CMS Module (Content Management System) – Open Source therefore free and constantly evolving
  • Use of a database – The content and container are completely separate
  • You can change the theme (visual) without losing the content of your site
  • WordPress is a very powerful module
  • This module is “live” live unlike an HTML site
  • WordPress offers a dashboard allowing you to manage your site yourself without knowledge of HTML
  • WordPress is ideal if you want to have a blog (articles)
  • Plugins (extensions) for features are free and paid
  • Thousands of themes are available; free and paid (premium/paid is strongly suggested)

WordPress is the most used module in the world!

Disadvantages of a WordPress site

  • The version of WordPress, the plugins, and the theme must be ESSENTIALLY updated regularly for security reasons
  • Make sure you have an effective and appropriate host for this type of site
  • It is necessary to use a plugin to get a multi-language version
  • WordPress sites are more frequently “hacked”
  • Transferring your site to another server or folder requires much more time and expertise than an HTML site

In conclusion,

The best option always varies according to our needs. Undoubtedly, WordPress provides us with a platform that can be managed in a very simple way and that requires less time than a development in Html. Also, do not underestimate that if we want to manage our website automatically when it is created, WordPress is the ideal solution.

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