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A Brief Analysis of the Latest Hits of WordPress 4!

Those who love writing blogs or have owned business websites on WordPress platform must be exciting to know that its latest version i.e., WordPress 4.0 is being designed and prepared for the release. The version is currently available in the beta version and the speculation is that it will release on 27th August, 2014.

Although, the launch date of the version is just a stone’s throw away, its exciting features and updates have already set the pulses racing as the fans of WordPress are positively looking forward to it. The major changes that WordPress 4.0 will bring is the incorporation of embedded media, Internationalization, plugin installation, updates in media library etc., thus focussing on enhancing the overall user’s experience. The just out version is developed in such a way that all the plugins and themes you use, are compatible with your website and also contribute to the overall growth of it.

As you have got a clue about the brand new version, it’s time to get acquainted with the cool features and improvements that you will see in WordPress 4.

1. Better Internationalization

Better InternationalizationWordPress has evolved at a great length and its impressive growth is clearly evident with the way it has crossed the boundaries of several nations and has overcome the language barriers. So, in an effort to make it more popular among non-English speakers and serve their needs better, WordPress 4 is designed to handle translations in an effortless manner.

With WordPress 4, developers will be free from any painstaking efforts of editing code for each and every language. This could provide WordPress a larger legion of fans worldwide.

The version gives you option to set to primary language in the WordPress installer. Plus, it also offers an option to choose additional setting via general settings. When the user will set the language by using either of these options, the translation files will automatically get downloaded and will locate at their desired locations.

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2. Amazing Media Grid View

Amazing Media Grid ViewInitially started as an independent project, Media Grid is now entering at the core of WordPress 4.0. This newest feature will allow you to view all your media related files in a grid view.

This contemporary interface will make the management and organization of your media files better and faster. The feature allow you to edit file information in a pop up, which will open after clicking on media file. The modal pop up also enables you to browse and select the media files with the help of arrow keys.

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3. Plugin Installers and Management

Plugin Installers and ManagementThe theme installer and screen management have been completely refurbished in the WordPress 4.0. The version stresses more on making the process of finding, installing, and managing the plugins faster, better, and easier.

The main areas of improvements that can be seen is improved plugin listings, which results in better information, review revisions etc. Users are also offered with options for better filtering of installed plugins, along with an option which keeps them updated about the latest plugins available.

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4. Upgraded Post Editor

Upgraded Post EditorWordPress 4.0 comes complete with some improvements in Post Editor. It will now remain on the top as the writer writes any post. In the previous versions, scrolling or manually typing in the formatting was a hassle. But, with the latest release, users can save their time and will focus more on producing quality content.

The editor will now adjust its size automatically as you write a post. Additionally, the scroll bar is also designed in such a way that the users will have an amazing writing experience.


WordPress 4.0 will going to be an amazing release in the realm of WordPress development. With its exciting features and impressive improvements, it can be said that it will make the things smoother and easier for bloggers and entrepreneurs all over the world.

About The Writer:

Ben Wilson is working as a certified WordPress theme developer at WordPrax – a leading WordPress CMS Development Services and Solutions Company. He loves sharing useful insights on WordPress plugins and their varied uses.


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