WordPress Database for Speed & Security

7 Tips to Optimize WordPress Database for Speed & Security

WordPress is one of the most widely sought after content management systems in the world today. However, when it comes to the issues that most business owners face with WordPress, it is speed and security. This is where the database comes into play, and one has to check on whether the database management for WordPress is fully optimized or not.

Understand the database of WordPress

Note that the database of WordPress has a lot of valuable data and is the backbone for the performance of the site. Experts say that if you want WordPress to function well, you should pay attention to its database management as it is the sole significant part of the WordPress site.

So what is the secret of effective WordPress database management? This is a question that most business owners ask themselves when it comes to the smooth and seamless operation of WordPress for their sites or blog. Given below are some salient tips to help one ensure that the WordPress database is completely optimized without any hassles at all.

1. Database Dump Files

The database is the most important part of your WordPress site, and you should always take a complete backup of the site. Most people make the most common mistake of copying files of WordPress as they do not take a complete backup of the site. If you examine database dump files, they are in plain text format, making it simple for you to view as well as modify. They are compatible with MySQL and MariaDB servers. This means that you can upload any file to the MySQL and MariaDB database servers at any time and from any place. It is simple to make a DB dump with commands as there are tools that help you to take manual backups as and when desired.

2. Learning Specific Commands

If you use WordPress or are a developer, you can use WP-CLI commands for optimizing the database effectively. These commands are very powerful, and learning them comes in handy. You should contact an expert in WordPress to learn these commands; however, if you are not technically savvy, you can hire professional companies to do the task for you with success. Some professionals companies ensure that their clients have SSL certificates that are free of cost installed on their sites. This helps prevent several issues that crop up when server migration takes place.

3. Learning SQL

Those databases that have been made over some time need to fetch data from a huge set of data as quickly as possible. It is challenging to reinvent that engineering with PHP. Credible experts in the field of database management for WordPress, that one should learn SQL instead. They state that when you are using WordPress, you should not use everything in WP post-Meta. Instead, one should use and be encouraged to use customized tables that have a clear definition of columns, relations, and indexes. It makes sense for you to learn more about indexes and why you should avert full table scans in the WordPress database.

4. Never Use SQL Directly

When you use WordPress, never use SQL directly. You should use PHP for all the site basics and a WP query class for the more advanced cases. When the WP Query does not abide by your purpose, you should use other commands like $wpdb functions for database interaction. However, if you wish to deploy raw SQL for WordPress, never access the database directly.

5. Make sure that the Database Server is Configured Accurately

If you want to enjoy optimal security and performance, ensure that the database server is configured correctly. Experts say that MariaDB should be used over Oracle MySQL. It is prudent to use the latest versions. One should note that database configuration is not a simple task, and it is best left to professionals. Therefore, if you are a business owner and wish to configure your WordPress database to the maximum extent, ensure that you entrust the task to skilled and experienced professionals. In case, you wish to operate your WordPress site on a good hardware cum software configuration, consult experts in the field for the best upkeep, and hosting plans of WordPress.

6. Make sure that you monitor the performance of your site

It is prudent for you to regularly monitor the performance of your WordPress site for improved security and performance. A fast and protected WordPress website will make your customers happy. In case, you are not technically savvy and not able to monitor the performance of your WordPress site; you can bank on skilled and experienced companies that have proven track records in the market to do the job for you. These experts will evaluate the site and check the bottlenecks that you face. They will create a report with the issues and inform you as to what steps should be taken for rectification. It is prudent for you as a business to always monitor the performance of your site so that you face no hassles and problems in the future. You should track the performance of queries on your WordPress site.

7. Database Clean-ups

To improve the security and the performance of your WordPress site, you should resort to regular database clean-ups. This alleviates the load on the WordPress database and helps it to perform faster. Banking on qualified and experienced professionals for clean up of the database is a smart choice over doing it yourself.

Therefore, when it comes to the effective speed and performance of your WordPress database, keep the above tips in mind. Hiring professional companies for the above is a smart way to grab a competitive edge in the market and make your targeted audience happy. Before you choose a good company for the effective WordPress database management, ensure you check its customer reviews and testimonials online. The company should have been in the market for a long time, and the costs should be fair. With the right company, you can eliminate tensions when it comes to the speed and protection of your WordPress database with success!

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This article has been guest posted by Pete Campbell on behalf of RemoteDBA.com – a support provider for small and large database environments.

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