7 Role Of Web Design In Effective Digital Branding

The practice of redesigning websites once in a while is quite common. However, businesses fail to notice how important their new website design is going to be for the digital marketing strategy. There are many businesses that consider only the appeal aspects and forget to take into account the impact of Search engine optimization (SEO). Digital marketing is only concerned with promoting your brand and offerings. Therefore, it becomes important to design pages keeping the SEO in mind.

Besides just providing quality services, consistent brand promotion is what makes consumer market a fan of your business. In the present digital age, every aspect of business like education, health and employment has shifted its focus to mobile browsers and apps.

1. Web Design For Brand Building

When designing your own brand, you need professionals to design the web pages. The quality of your website can only be maintained if you keep it away from poor loading speed, cluttered navigation and so on. If users experience such issues while operating your website, they will definitely bounce off to another website. This creates a bad impression of your brand.

Apart from it, there are many other aspects of digital marketing that are impacted by web design.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Digital marketing or SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest contributors to website redesigns. If the existing website fails to meet the criteria of ranking higher on Google, businesses redesign their website to make use of all the elements that bring them a higher ranking.

90% of the online experiences start with a search engine. Google updates its Panda algorithm a few years back. This made site owners to avoid duplicating content for multiple versions of websites. Google’s mobile-first index also made businesses improve the mobile version of their own website. This happens because duplicating the content affects SEO.

So, when designing a new version of your website, make sure to design the pages to meet Google’s requirements. You need to have a design that is accessible via any version of the device and browser made for. Make sure to insert outbound links that lead to other versions. Once a mobile device user accesses your website’s mobile version from anywhere, it means you are using the right digital marketing strategy.

3. User experience (UX)

The design of a website has a huge impact on the user experience for visitors. Right from the website speed to simple navigation, everything is covered under the same.

Website speed is considered to be a new ranking factor. As the website speed increases, so does the user’s expectation of page load time. If your website features larger images and other elements that slow down the load time, it will certainly impact the user experience. There are multiple ways of increasing load time like compressing files and carrying a full audit.

Do not complicate the navigation process by simply making use of flashy designs. Instead, use visual elements that compels a user to act. Provoking the right emotion within your user can dramatically multiply user experience. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the website is designed properly. If done in the wrong ways, it could lead to an opposing effect. So, play smart.

4. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The overall feel of the website can actually portray the authority of that website to the user. It is important that your website looks authoritative and well designed in appearance. A balance is needed between creating a simple look yet making it trustworthy. While considering the conversion rate of your website, it is important to have a design that is simple enough to satisfy CRO.

5. PPC Advertising

A well-designed website with great website speed and a great user experience can bring advantages when it comes to PPC. Your major objective should be to create dedicated landing pages that best serve the keyword you have bided on. This improves conversion rate.

6. Branding

Spotting a bad website does not require expertise. Someone who is unable to spot technical malfunctions can also know whether the website is of good quality or not. If your design gives off this impression, it can definitely have detrimental effects on your brand.

A user who views your website will subconsciously develop perceptions about it. So, you need to be assured that your website is designed in a way that evokes the perception you look for. Design a website that reflects your brand. It means reflecting the brand aesthetically as well as functionally. Do not opt for a design that simply focuses on simplicity and aesthetics yet is poor at confusing navigation and ugly typography.

So, determine your brand values and ensure that they are reflected in every aspect of the website. This way you will ensure that the brand image is not damaged.

7. Amalgamating All Digital Marketing Strategies In One

Web design makes digital marketing simple. Don’t you think? It effectively promotes products and services, however, there are many other techniques that boost sales. Taking advantage of them will drive traffic and generate leads for your business in the long run. PPC, Social media marketing, email listing, and influencer marketing are going to be the future of digital marketing. These are some strategies that you can effectively combine to drive results for your business.

To keep your customers engaged, it is important to follow these techniques together when designing a website. With the right website design and digital marketing strategies, you will be able to promote your brand while spending less on digital marketing campaigns.

About The Author:

Jacob Colleen works as a web designer at Webby Central, leading website design company but his skills and knowledge in business consulting and branding are trusted by many leading businesses. His write-ups are a valuable asset to the industry and serve useful knowledge to readers. They are meant at delivering realistic data and guiding readers in the right direction.

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