Ideas for e-Commerce Website Designs

6 Simple Ideas for e-Commerce Website Design

In this fast pacing 20th century, we all have witnessed something new in 2 decades. In the context of the web design trends, we have seen a lot of major changes in design every year. What’s special about acquiring new web design trends is it keeps your customers engaged with the website.

Especially, in the e-commerce business, it has become more important to have a significant web-design in eCommerce. Besides, it also helps e-commerce owners to gain new customers and provide them with the best user experience.

However, either if you are a designer then you can get some tips from here and apply it in your upcoming theme. Or if you are not a designer then selecting the best design for your website can be a hard job for you. In this guide we are going to help you with presenting multifarious design ideas, therefore you can adopt the one which suits you more and utilize it on your website.

Ideas for e-Commerce Website Design

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1. Website Design For E-commerce Themes

As it has been said earlier that e-commerce is the best platform to sell products and give customers the best user experience. On the e-commerce store, your home-page tells the whole store of your store. Moreover, almost 40% of people made their mind to purchase a product by seeing the home-page of the e-commerce store.

For instance, pre-built e-commerce themes are customizable, therefore, you can also update things according to you. Conversely, you must make sure that your changes are based on current web-design trends.

2. Give Homepage An Animation Touch

This isn’t any childish approach or used only in the child’s products & service-based websites. This design can also be used on your service-based website. As far as we know that animation is the kind of design that can not be ignored by visitors. A unique approach to the animation will surely grab the attention of your customer.

A piece of advice, don’t overuse the animation, keep it simple and little concise enough to grab the customer’s attention for a short time. If you want more from customers then use cheesy copy and put call-to-action.

3. One-Page Website

This web-design idea is popular among start-ups and freelancers. With the help of this design, you can put all the mandatory details about your company. It has also become easy for your customers because they aren’t being forced to go on other pages to get information.

The important thing is don’t fill up your main page with too much information. Use the white space formula and let your audience concentrate on one thing.

4. Split-Up Your Homepage For Showcasing Products

If you ever think that you want to include more things on your homepage but you are also adhering to the white space rule then you have only one option left. Split-up your homepage into 2 sides and showcase whatever you want.

Whether it’s your product, service, or a banner of upcoming discounts, doesn’t matter. Divide two sections into two blocks and white space.

5. Unique Approach To Navigation Menu

The navigation menu helps your customers to land on the specific pages where they want to go. Those days have gone where websites had a simple menu. People’s behavior is changed, they want uniqueness in everything even if it’s a navigation menu.

The floating menu is in the trend now. Many websites have acquired this navigation genre. In general, visitors/customers stick up with a menu and in most cases, visitors find it funny and keep playing with the navigation menu sometimes.

Besides, the navigation menu can also be customized in your e-commerce web design easily.

6. Dark Mode

From the website to the application or even Smartphone UI, everyone’s future is dark. I.e. The themes are dark.

Dark mode just sweeps all the online platforms. Either if it’s social media, application, or eCommerce themes. Dark mode satisfies the customer’s eyes and it also provides an elegant environment and people stop themselves to stay more in the store.

If you are planning to put a switch on a dark mode on your website or web store then, it will be the best take for you and the best user experience for your customers.


In this post, the website design ideas are trendy and specially made for 2020. From visuals to UI color everything is up to designers and how they’re gonna apply it into their next project.

If you are not a designer then you must take the wholesome ideas and try to customize your existing website by putting these trends into it.

About The Author:

Maruf Panwala is a Content Writer and SEO optimizer at Webibazaar Templates. Specialized in Creative Content, Digital Marketing Ideas, and helps e-Commerce stores for branding on the digital platform.

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