Eventum WordPress Events Directory Theme
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Eventum – Events Directory WordPress Theme

Smart event management site has made the planning and managing events with Events Directory WordPress Theme, easier than ever. You can easily plan, manage and execute any event with the help of online event management system. This is the reason event management sites has become so popular.

With so many people successfully using the event management sites every day, I think this is the perfect time for you to start your own event management site. It makes it easier to execute the event, helps you build the brand and can help you earn the money.

WordPress is the most popular platform building websites. If you are going to build your website with WordPress you will need a professional Theme. While there are many event management themes available, Eventum from Templatic is one of the bests out there.

Eventum is fully featured child theme of Directory theme meaning it needs parent theme i.e. Directory to work. Developed by one of the leading developers, Templatic, it becomes your perfect choice for creating your Event management site.

Eventum WordPress Event Directory Theme
Eventum WordPress Event Directory Theme

In Today’s post, I will introduce you to Eventum Events Directory WordPress Theme. We will be taking a closer look at the theme’s features, the Design, Monetization options and other important options. Most importantly we will discuss if the theme is worth using to create a new website for events.

Eventum Events Directory WordPress Theme Review

Theme Features Overview:

Templatic has added an excellent feature called as “Easy Installation”. Using this feature makes your website look exactly like the Demo site. Which if you use any other premium website, you have to do manually. But this awesome feature has made it very easy for us.

Eventum WordPress theme has very powerful theme options section. This section gives you countless options to personalize the look and feel of your website. You can select the colors to your liking from various color options available.

If you want or need to add more content to your website, The Eventum WordPress theme comes with the theme package comes with additional sample data too, all you need to do is import the CSV file from the Import/Export section of the theme options page.

Check out the demo of Eventum Theme Here!

User Management in Event Theme:

Eventum WordPress theme lets you have the separate dashboards for all registered users. You can enable or disable new user registrations. It also lets you customize the user registration form. You can add your own fields to the registration form.

If permitted, the users can add their own events too. The form comes with dedicated fields for all the options. However, if you need any particular field, that can be added by using the advanced custom field feature inside your theme dashboard.

These listings need to be approved by the administrator before they appear live on the public site. The visitors can rate and review the events posted on your site.

Eventum Events Directory WordPress Theme comes with a great email notification system. By using this feature called “send email notifications,” you can email various events and actions to your email lists. You can easily customize the email and body text every time you have to send these emails.

Eventum WordPress theme automatically creates a page titled as People to display the list of all your registered users.

Eventum WordPress-Theme - Registered Users Page
Eventum WordPress Theme – Registered Users Page

The user on this page can be sorted alphabetically or by the number of submissions done by them. The individual profile of the user contains a short description of the user along with their website, contact details and their social media page.

How to Submit a New Event on Eventum Theme?

The user can submit a new event only by using front-end while the site admin can submit events from both front-end and back-end.

You can use Menu options to display the link to submit a new event. All the user has to do is select the city and he can process with the submission process. Clicking on the submit event link will take the user to the page that will look like the following:

Eventum Theme - Submitting a New Event Page
Eventum Theme – Submitting a New Event Page

Here the user will have to choose the payment plan (Can be customized by Admins) before posting the event. Once they have done it, the event detail page will appear.

On the event detail page, you can add the options like category, event location, the title of the event, description, schedule, registration information, fees (if it is a paid event), contact information, images and/or video upload, organize information etc. for your new users.

After filling in these details, the user can either preview or continue on the page.

Displaying Events Listings:

Displaying Events on Eventum WordPress Theme
Displaying Events on Eventum WordPress Theme

With Eventum Events Directory WordPress Theme, you can create a separate page for Events. All the events can be displayed on this page. This page will automatically display a slideshow of the featured events. The option to view the past, current or upcoming events can be enabled or disabled by the Admin. Your users or visitors can select their own view of the events as a list, grid or on a map.

The event filter option lets you filter the events based on the distance from your current location. You can use the widgets on the sidebar to display event calendar.

You can use any of the three-page layouts – full width, the events on the left or right sidebar. Eventum comes with special designs for the blog, archive and contact us pages too.

Start Earn Money from Events Directory WordPress Theme:

You can also make money from your Eventum WordPress directory. Eventum comes with numerous monetization options.

Monetization Options
Monetization Options

You can create and customize membership packages. And if you make it recurring you have landed yourself a consistent source of income.

You can make money from events too. You can apply charges for adding extra fields and special categories for the events. Or you can apply different prices for claiming ownership or featuring special events.

And of course, there are… ads! Eventum offers a special widget for this. You can use Custom widget or the Text widget to display banners or texts.

Buy Eventum Theme Now

Payment Gateways:

Payment Gateways Options
Payment Gateways Options

Eventum Events Directory WordPress Theme comes with Cash and widely used PayPal as default payment methods. If you wish you can add other payment methods by purchasing premium payment gateways plugin. Available options include PayPal Express Checkout, 2Checkout, PayPal Pro, Stripe, Skrill, Authorize.net, MyGate, WorldPay, etc.

Searching Events Options:

The search bar can be provided to the Top menu, Sidebar or The footer. You can also put your search box right in the middle of the slider on the homepage. And if you don’t like any of these default systems, you can create your own search system. 

Available Shortcodes:

Eventum also comes with lots of shortcodes. You can use this shortcode to change basic structures on your website like a message box, buttons with different size and style, progress bars, tooltip, tabs, accordion, custom icon lists, author box, warning box, several column layouts. If you do not want to use the default styling, you can customize all the structures with the help of custom CSS.

Mobile App Event Layout:

Mobile App Layout
Mobile App Layout

As the latest trend, use of mobile users has increased significantly when compared to the desktop user. These users will be accessing the website from their mobile devices. Eventum comes with separately designed Mobile App layout for your website. So you don’t have to worry about it and your user can enjoy a fully optimized website with all the necessary features to them.

Other Features:

Besides the mentioned features, Eventum also comes with some other amazing features.

The theme is fully compatible with the WPML plugin. It also comes with the .po and .mo files. That means translating your website into other supported languages is very easy.

The theme is SEO-friendly. It works impeccably with the popular WordPress SEO plugins. Due to these innovative measures, this theme will help you to the success of your SEO campaigns.

Although, I will still recommend you to hire a professional SEO to optimize the theme for search engines.

Popular WordPress plugins
Popular WordPress plugins

Also, the theme works flawlessly with popular WordPress plugins like WordPress WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Gravity Forms, WordPress SEO, All In One SEO, etc.

Last but not the least, almost all the Google Fonts are supported by this theme. So the visual appearance of your site can be easily improved by choosing any of the freely available Google fonts.

Eventum WordPress theme comes with lots of powerful options as it is. However, you can still add additional features by purchasing the premium add-ons. Some interesting add-ons include paid claims, access manager, listing badges, listing statistics, category icons, list filter, duplicate post alert, ad manager, etc. 

License & Cost:

Like all the other themes from Templatic, Eventum is also available with regular and developer license. If you already own the Directory theme, you can get the regular license of Eventum for $49 or else you can get the combined package for both Directory and Eventum at $149.


Eventum WordPress theme comes with many features and options so it is almost impossible to cover all of them in a single blog post. I have focused on the essential features only. There are lots of other great features besides these the one mentioned here.

I think Eventum would be an excellent choice for building your event directory site. If you need any further help while setting up this theme, please touch back!

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