In recent years, fitness centres and gyms are mushrooming rapidly. It’s because the overwhelming number of individuals want to look fit and fine, stay healthy, and maintain a strong physique.

A website is an effective advertising tool with which you can attract new customers, collaborate with new business partners and simultaneously implement your services.

The competent development and promotion of a website for fitness centre ensure the success of the business and a constant stream of customers.

You can use plugins to add new features and functionalities to the site. Have a look at some excellent fitness plugins WordPress compiled here below:

7 Fitness and Gym WordPress plugins

1. Fitness Trainer – Membership Plugin

Fitness-Trainer Membership Plugin for WordPressCost: $39

It’s a very useful plugin for fitness trainers. They can install it on their websites. After successful installation and activation, the plugin will create necessary pages, email templates, and settings. It is an ideal plugin for content management.

  • You can show different types of diet plans, exercises, etc, and maintain a full record of all customers.
  • The plugin supports 15 languages and is WPML(The WordPress Multilingual Plugin) ready. With its help, you can turn your site into a full-fledged membership website.

Fitness plugins WordPress supports different payment gateways and works nicely with other plugins also. With its help, you can easily create a huge base of customers in a few days for your fitness centre.

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2. CC BMI Calculator

Weight TrackerCost: Free

In simple words, the body mass index (BMI) is an indicator that makes it possible to determine the ratio of body weight and height of a person. It helps to know normal body weight with refrence to certain height. It was developed in 1869 by a Belgian sociologist and statistician Adolf Quetelet.

  • This indicator is used in the treatment of diseases associated with overweight or underweight while treating diseases caused by obesity.
  • Just install this plugin on your website for automatic calculation of BMI. Results are shown in metric BMI chart and imperial BMI chart.

Fitness plugins WordPress assists you to easily customize the calculator as per your liking. You may change its background, borders, and text to match your web site’s theme. You can also change the widget title.

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3. Weight Tracker

Cost: Free

Studies show that people who monitor their diet, lose two times more than those extra pounds. Tracking food is one of the most important things when it comes to losing weight.

Having a nutrition notebook will help to improve your diet significantly. But, all individuals are not comfortable with it. Fitness plugins WordPress helps you to track your weight, body measurements and other health parameters.

  • The data they enter is shown in charts, tables, shortcodes, and widgets. Users can set goals and make changes to their entries.
  • The admin area has an appealing interface. So, website owners can interact with customers and guide them to meet their targets easily.

The plugin offers Support for US/UK date formats as well as Imperial and Metric measurements.

It also makes Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculations and recommends calorie intake per meal time if you subscribe to its premium version.

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4. Meal Planner Pro Recipes

Meal Planner Pro Recipes WP PluginCost: Free

This plugin acts as a nutrition calculator. It allows you to create and share meal plans for different categories of people. Feed the food habits of customers on site and it will automatically calculate the nutrition intake one must take.

  • This plugin is designed for optimum display on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It is compatible with WP Gutenberg Editor.
  • It is totally compliant with Google Recipe View and Pinterest Rich Pins schema markup requirements.
  • Recipe Image Support and Google Assistant are also available.
  • WordPress fitness plugins

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5. Calorie Calculator

Calorie Calculator WP PluginCost: Free

The most effective and safe ways to lose weight is counting calories. Many folks reject this technique because of its complexity. Through a reasonable restriction of the caloric content of the diet, you can balance the food intake and improve your body shape significantly. Once you learn how to count calories and monitor your diet, it will bring your body into shape.

It can also change your eating habits gradually. However, install the calorie calculator plugin on your website. It will automatically calculate the calories you need to have every day.

It also offers some insights when you want to lose or gain weight. If premade calorie plugins are not fulfilling the specific needs of your website, get customized plugin created by the professional web designer.

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6. Timetable

Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPressCost: $26

Everyone who dares to go for the gym has an individual goal. Some dream of getting rid of excess weight, others want to create a beautiful attractive body. They can achieve their targets by following a strict timetable. Nevertheless, every visitor to the gym has his/her own personalized program.

Therefore, these fitness plugins for WordPress websites helps individuals to follow the timetable with the help of a regulator. You can use the timetable plugin to solve this problem. It is a powerful and easy-to-use schedule plugin.

  • It enables to create a timetable view of all important events (for the Gym) in a few minutes. It has several features such as online appointment booking, full Support for Visual Composer and the creation of PDF files.
  • Gym centres, kindergarten, medical departments, nightclubs, and pubs frequently use this plugin to increase the footfall remarkably & take the business to the next level.

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Wordpress Gym Management SystemCost: $49

It is an Authentic nice plugin for professional Gym owners who face problems to manage their daily business operations. Just purchase the plugin and install it on your website. It allows you to manage gym memberships, workout schedules easily and other activities easily.

You can see the details of all members of your gym, collect payments from customers, generate error-free sales reports and send invoices to customers.

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Final Words

These are some useful fitness plugins for WordPress websites. You can use them to add more features and functionalities to your fitness website (powered by WordPress) and take the business to a new level.