It is not necessary that the attacker only hacks websites of popular companies. Sometimes, all they need is personal data and backlink, other times they may do it for fun. The scenario will be different if your hacker wishes to charge you some heavy ransom. You would want to keep these problems at Bay, but you should remember not to ignore these as well.

How to secure WordPress website from hackers?

As the website owner of any WordPress site, the protection and security of your content are of significant concern. You need to assure your website is well protected and not be attacked by any cyber threat.

For a complete security, it is advisable to install some WordPress security plugins on your site. As we move further, we will discuss some of the best WordPress plugins.

With the change in the era, you will witness that there hasn’t been much difference between the best WordPress security plugins 2015 and the best WordPress security plugins 2019.

Why use a WordPress security plugin?

As you know, a hacked website can create severe problems for your entity and harm your personal and professional data. Hackers can steal user information, including your passwords, can install malware software and cause harm to your users.

Another type of attack can be a Brute force attack in which hackers use trial and error techniques to break into the computer network or websites.

Keeping the above points in mind, WordPress development service providers let you customize and create fast and reliable hybrid websites. Protecting your website does not just limit to risk reduction, it is also about risk elimination.

Your WordPress website should be scanned from time to time for any breaches. To safeguard the site from cyber-attacks, you need to follow the best security practices, but this can be difficult if you are from a non-technical background. Hence, professional help and packages from Custom WordPress Development Company can be of essential utility to the users.

WordPress is one of the major mediums for any brand as it is also one of the most popular open CMS used today. Around 60% of the CMS websites on the internet use WordPress, which means there is a lot of traffic and so security is a concern.

As hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites are hacked annually, the users are generally stuck with how to secure WordPress website from hackers. Using WordPress plugin security enables your WordPress site to fight malware, brute force attacks, and hacking attempts.

Weekly, around 18.5 Million websites are infected with malware. On average, a single website is attacked 44 times every day, which includes both WordPress and non-WordPress websites. Therefore, it is essential for users to install the best security plugin for WordPress sites.

Best Free WordPress Security Plugins

The best WordPress plugins are top-rated for their indelible services and customer satisfaction in protecting WordPress websites. It is important to try the different WordPress security plugins available and see which one accommodates the best with your website.

1. Sucuri WP Plugin

Sucuri is the leading WordPress security plugin in the industry. Sucuri is one of the best free WordPress plugins and it is available for all WordPress sites.

By installing the free version, you can scan for threats and harden your WordPress security. While the paid version comes with a DNS level firewall protection which blocks all the bad traffic is filtered out.


2. Wordfence WP Plugin

Wordfence is one of the top-rated comprehensive security plugin available on WordPress. Wordfence can also work as the best anti-malware 2019 plugin for your WordPress site as it runs a full scan at any time. Wordfence has a built-in firewall that sends alerts in case of any security breaches.

If you’re pondering over which one is better in the case of Sucuri vs. Wordfence, you should know that Sucuri is an alternative to Wordfence.

The main difference between these two WordPress security plugins is that Sucuri WP plugin allows the user to not only secure WordPress login but also to monitor, protect and clean malware for any content management system website which concerns with all in one WordPress security.


3. iThemes Security Plugin

Ithemes security WordPress plugin helps to filter out anyone who tries to login with the word admin by limiting their login attempts. It also ensures security by file integrity checks, WordPress security hardening, enforcing strong passwords, 404 detections, and brute force protection.

To secure your WordPress site, you can also use 2 step login. Or you can install WordPress secure login plugin which ensures a safer login.


4. Anti-malware security and brute-force firewall

Installing WordPress plugins like Anti-malware security and brute-force firewall to your websites can help by running complete scans to remove all kinds of known threats, including database injections and backdoor strips automatically.


5. All in One WordPress Security

As the name suggests, all in one WordPress security plugin is a complete security solution for your website. This free plugin has a built-in firewall, Brute Force Protection, and a security scoring system which also protects user accounts by blocking forceful login attempts.


WordPress is the most popular and most populous website platform. With a significant amount of content on your website, it becomes equally risky for you, and thus, to not secure your website is out of choice. Every day Google blocks around 10000 WordPress sites. To protect your website from hackers and cyber threats, it is mandatory to download and install the security plugins for WordPress websites.

However, installing even the best WordPress security plugins wouldn’t completely ensure that your site is safe and running. But that does not mean you install all the security plugins available in the market. To ensure that your website is entirely secure, you will need to scan it regularly and customize it with various plugins according to what works best for you. Anything less than the best security is not what your website deserves.

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