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WP-Ellie 2.0 WordPress Theme for Responsive Online Magazine Blog

WP-Ellie was released in the earliest from Solostream Club now it has been updated with plenty of new features that supports for latest trends and technologies. WP-Ellie 2.0 WordPress Theme has been designed with very responsive layout design which supports for all kind of devices like iPhone, iPad, Tablet, BlackBerry and Android devices. It will automatically adapt the screen sizes according its device using! No matter what device it supports for all internets based devices. WP-Ellie 2.0 gives a complete re-modification from the version 1.0, so if you already had the old version, you can now update the new 2.0 version. The version 2.0 comes with following great features that makes your website stand out from the crowd!

WP-Ellie 2.0 Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme Screen Shot:

WP-Ellie 2.0 Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme
WP-Ellie 2.0 Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

WP-Ellie 2.0 WordPress Theme New Features:

  • Overhauled Image Handling
  • Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Design
  • Moved the Social Media Icons
  • Redesigned the Header/Logo Area
  • Added Some New Page Templates and Layouts

Page/Post Layout Options:

  • Content | Sidebar-Wide
  • Sidebar-Wide | Content
  • Content | Sidebar-Narrow | Sidebar-Wide
  • Sidebar-Narrow | Content | Sidebar-Wide
  • Sidebar-Wide | Sidebar-Narrow | Content
  • Full-Width

Pre-Built Page Templates:

  • Alternate Home Page
  • All Authors Page
  • Portfolio Page
  • Site Map
  • Sales Letter
  • Tabbed Archives Page
  • YouTube Videos Page

WP-Ellie 2.0 WordPress Theme would be great choice if you are planning to start responsive online magazine website that blog anything that you’d like! It gives you complete widgetized homepage that you can easily customize according to your or client needs! Even the Ad managements are made simple for earning by selling your space in Google Adsense, BuySellAds or other private ads services. The sidebar gives you complete location options for videos, social networking icons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and RSS, you also can have a newsletter Subscription options.

WP-Ellie 2.0 WordPress Theme Standard Features:

  • WordPress (version 3.3+).
  • Responsive Design Framework (Mobile Ready) – Adjusts to Browser Size
  • Theme Settings Page for Easy Customization
  • Quick and Easy Logo Integration
  • Featured Pages Slider
  • 2 Featured Articles Sliders (narrow and wide)
  • Featured Photos Slider
  • Featured Videos Slider
  • Alternate Home Page Template for Business Sites
  • All Authors Page Template
  • YouTube Videos Page Template
  • Portfolio Page Template
  • Built-In Author Page
  • Multiple Home Page Layouts
  • Multiple Post and Page Layout Options
  • Featured Page Widget
  • YouTube Videos Widget
  • Category Posts Widget
  • Subscription Form Widget
  • Social Networking Icons Widget
  • Footer Widgets
  • Multiple Banner Ad Locations
  • Automatic Post Thumbnails
  • And More

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