MicroJobEngine WordPress Job Marketplace Theme
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MicroJobEngine WordPress Job Marketplace Theme like Fiverr

MicroJobEngine is an awesome responsive WordPress job portal theme from EngineThemes developer club. This theme is specially designed to create an online job portal websites like sellers can sell their professional services and buyers can buy their needed service from the seller’s listings. MicroJobEngine WordPress Theme is inspired by Fiverr.com website, which is a micro job marketplace for professionals where the cost starts from $5 to buy a service. Even MicroJobEngine theme can be used to create such as large job marketplace portal website.

Build Your Micro Job Marketplace Platform

MicroJobEngine WordPress Theme is an enthusiastic online micro job marketplace platform, hence, you will find all essential features to showcase your professional services and easily connect to all potential buyers and sellers in fast and convenient ways. The concept of micro job platform is, buyers can browse the listed micro jobs as a block with well-organized information while sellers will be listing their jobs with the image, description, ratings and status of job availability.

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Features of Micro Job Engine WordPress Theme

Build Your Micro Job Marketplace Platform
Build Your Micro Job Marketplace Platform

One Step Simple Search To Find The Micro Jobs:

One Step Simple Search To Find The Micro Jobs
One Step Simple Search To Find The Micro Jobs

The top header section has come with a simple one-step search option for finding the micro jobs. The buyers can search the micro jobs by filtering categories, tags, keywords and whatever services he / she needs with a single click! 

Sell Professional Micro Job Services & Earn Money:

Sell Professional Services & Earn Money
Sell Professional Services Listing Page & Earn Money from MicroJobEngine

MicroJobEngine WordPress Theme is allowing the seller to setup his or her own job service profile by registering and showcase their skills to get the job done. It will allow showing the headshot photo, location, languages, and a short biography about the seller and contacting option via MicroJobEngine site! Everything is customizable from the backend admin panel options to show off the appearance. The seller is able to set up the own price for their offering jobs.

Add Extra Job Services to Order:

Add Extra Services to Order
Add Extra Services to Order

Once the buyer is ready to buy the sellers services, if they would like adding some additional services, then buyers can add extra services to the cart before the checkout.

MicroJob Payment and Order Tracking System:

Payment and Order Tracking System
Payment and Order Tracking System of Micro Job Theme

MicroJobEngine Theme has designed an interactive dashboard that allows both buyers and sellers can manage all of your payment transactions and tracking orders. This will allow you to check the history of job purchased, pending job orders, favorite jobs, the total number of jobs ordered or request withdrawal options.

Trustful Payment System:

Trustful Payment System
Trustful Payment System Integration of Micro Job

The payment system is full and fully integrated from the MicroJobEngine WordPress platform; hence, you can control all the transactions done on the site. Whether buyers and sellers use credit, PayPal or other payment methods, it can be maintained from the MicroJobEngine WordPress Theme.

Effective Review & Rating System for Completed Jobs

Effective Review & Rating System
Review & Rating System of Micro Job WordPress Theme

The review and rating system is fully inbuilt with MicroJobEngine theme that will allow your buyers to rate about the jobs done by sellers. The ratings and reviews will be genuine as the buyer has been paid to the seller to get the job done. The buyer can write a feedback about the job done by the seller with its 5-star rating system and short review options. It will help other buyers to find out about the seller’s works and portfolio reviews.

Sellers Can Easily Submit The Micro Jobs:

Seller Can Easily Submit The Micro Jobs
The Micro Job WordPress Theme – mJob Submit Form

The seller can easily register and submit their professional services using the interactive form. The form can be set as package options either a paid or free from the website owner side.

Micro Jobs Management Options for Sellers:

MicroJobEngine WordPress Theme is coming with fantastic features that allow the sellers to pause their service temporally on their vacations. It can be activated later and they can update the details for it.

Homepage of MicroJobEngine WordPress Fiverr.com Like Theme

MicroJobEngine WordPress Fiverr.com Like Theme
MicroJobEngine WordPress Fiverr.com Like Theme

MicroJobEngine WordPress Theme Specific Features:

  • UX Optimized For Conversions
  • Easily track all orders from buyers and seller side
  • Safe payment system and synced with the virtual currency system
  • Direct chatting with seller and buyer using instant message box option
  • Trustful review system that will allow the buyer to write trusted review after completed the job.
  • Interactive user dashboard, it comes with orders, job revenues, withdrawal, analytics and messages in one page.
  • Add extra professional service on the user’s micro job listing services
  • Supported to work on all smartphones, laptop, desktop and other devices
  • Intuitive Public Profile to send the massages directly by buyers
  • Quick checkout flow option and before confirming the final order and payment, the buyer can add or edit the services.
  • Supported by multiple payments gateway systems like PayPal, 2Checkout or Pay in cash or bank.
  • Integration with social media logins using Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
  • Admin can send the e-mail notification to the buyers and sellers. You will also find some additional e-mail templates to use on e-mail newsletters.
  • Revenue & Withdrawal from the dashboard on desired linked payment options like PayPal and accounts. Admin can set minimum withdrawal amount.
  • Regular blogging integration to update the content or latest news updates.
  • Admin can review all micro jobs before publishing on the site. It will control the spam system
  • And many more…

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