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SEO extensions make it easy to increase a site’s SEO ranking on WordPress based websites. Moreover, they improve the appearance of your website to search engine crawlers by enhancing semantics, hence, making it easy to index. Implementing optimizations via plugins can be a daunting task for those with little knowledge of how to manage WordPress websites. A majority of SEO digital marketing services will offer the needed expertise at affordable rates. However, before deciding to solicit the services of an expert organization, you should know a thing or two about SEO plugins, which was analyzed by digital marketing experts.

There are a lot of plugins to be utilized in such an endeavor. However, without the right knowledge, it can be hard to determine what to use. Here are 10 of our tried and tested WordPress SEO plugins.

10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Increase Search Engine Visibility

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins that we found helpful in enhancing SEO compliance. With more than 3000 positive ratings, this plugin stands out as the ultimate foundation for all SEO needs of a WordPress website. It is an all in one SEO optimization tool. With it, you can adequately define the Meta description of all the posts that you publish. It can also be connected to Google’s search engine console, and check for errors right from WordPress’ backend.


2. Broken Link Checker

Broken links reduce the SEO ranking and interrupt the crawling of web pages on any website. When a site has a broken link, fixing it is the only option. This plugin makes the whole process easy as it identifies which links are not working and notifies you so that you can take action.


3. Google Analytics

Google Website Analytics is an essential tool for improving SEO. This is a service, provided by Google, which allows website admins to get crucial data about their site and how users interact with it. With data on traffic sources, best-ranking keywords, and robust suggestions from Google’s AI, this service can help make SEO optimization very easy to do. The service can be installed on a WordPress website via this plugin.



Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is a plugin that will show other articles related to the current page that is open in a reader’s browser. This plugin aims to get visitors to spend more time on the website, effectively reducing the bounce rate, a factor that plays a huge role in ranking websites.


5. SEO Optimized Images

One blander that most websites administrators and publishers make when implementing SEO is that they never optimize their images. This plugin will make sure that images are well optimized, including the alt text, a field that most websites forget to optimize. A site that has optimized images is guaranteed to rank better than the competition.


6. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Most people, from all over the world, access the internet from their smartphones. Due to this reason, it is best for every website to be mobile-ready, meaning that the content renders well on a mobile phone screen. Search engines watch out for this. This plugin implements responsive design, improving a website’s SEO ranking.


7. Security and Firewall

Security is a significant factor when it comes to SEO. Making sure that only you can access the admin panel to set up all your SEO settings, and that your reader’s connection to your website is encrypted, will profoundly boost your SERP rankings. This plugin will do this for you.


8. W3 Total Cache

Website loading speed is a huge factor when it comes to SEO ranking, and might be the only factor that helps you beat the competition. One way to make WordPress websites faster is through caching. This plugin will help you implement caching, and speed up the loading time of all pages.


9. SEO Pack

This one is more of an alternative to Yoast SEO. It offers the same features. It is a welcomed alternative for those that find Yoast too complex to understand and manage.


10. Google XML Sitemaps

Implementing an XML sitemap is good as it helps Search Engines understand your website structure and content better. This plugin installs an XML Site Map, which, in turn, will improve your ranking. XML Site Maps is a must-have for every WordPress website.