When you go through some article, you will notice that below the WordPress post, there is an Author Box. ‘About the Author’ or ‘Author Info’ are the blogs that are generally added to the different multi-authored blogs. This is done to provide recognition to the writer. As a reader goes through any good article, he becomes curious about the author also. So, through this Author Box, the writer of the post gets his acknowledgment.

When you write a good blog, the Author Box assists you to get connected with the readers. The readers come to know you better. The reader wants to know about you after reading your article and that is why you need this Author Box plugin following your blog. Hence, the readers get connected to you through this Author Box plugin.

Today I will discuss in this article about the top seven Author Box plugins that can help you in getting connected with the readers.

Adding an Author Box plugin is the most perfect way to get connected with the readers that too without any hassle as this does not need any coding part. Coding is not a cup of tea. So in this case you can install small plugins that can definitely help you.

Here are the best Author Box plugins listed for you:

1. Fanciest Author Box

fancier-author-boxFanciest author box plugin is among the best plugins for the blogs of WordPress. It has several amazing features that allow you to provide individuality to your single or even multiple blogs in the WordPress. This author box plugin is a premium service that can easily be customized and used. You can effortlessly control your author bio after installing this Author Box plugin on the blogs of WordPress. Some important features of this author box are:

2. Elite Members:

elite-membersAn elite member is basically a WordPress plugin that can help you in displaying the top contributors and authors in a particular site. With multiple layouts to select from, the elite members can exhibit authors in lists form and grid as well. This Author Box plugin can be inserted at the end of the post or blog. Some additional features include:

3. Social Author Bio

social-autho-bioSocial author bio helps to add a bio box with the help of the author’s avatar. It also helps to custom various social icons on the pages as well as on the posts. The up-to-date form of this plugin is seen in lots of wonderful features. It is even fully integrated with Google+ authorship. Some of the features are-

4. Advanced Author List

Advanced Author List:This plugin allows you to insert single avatars for the different blog users or the email address in the post or the page as well. Some other features are-

5. WP About Author

wp-about-authorWP about author is a very simple plugin that is hassle free to use and allows you to include a customizable author bio. The features of WP about author are:

6. Post Author

post-authorIf you own a multiple author blog, then the Post Author plugin is the unsurpassed technique for you. The features include

7. Xpandable Author Tab

xpandable-author-tabThis helps to add expandable authors in the posts or blogs. The features include-

Hope these author plugins will help!