Using a news app to know about the latest happenings or a payment app to pay the bills or split the bill in restaurants has become highly popular among the younger generation.

There are mobile-only social networks and shopping sites that are also growing in popularity rapidly and have increased the amount of time people spend on mobiles.

According to an insight provided by, Global Digital Future in Focus, most of the mobile users are active during early morning 7am-10am, early evening 5pm-8pm, and during late evening i.e. 8pm-12am. The data shared by the company shows that mobile traffic is much higher than desktop traffic during late evening hours.

And so, if you don’t have a mobile app representing your business, then you are missing a chance to provide a smooth, digital experience to these users.

A responsive website is good for online presence, but not sufficient to cater to the requirements of younger generations.

But developing an app from the ground is a costly affair.

The only way you can save some penny is by getting yourselves trained to build an app. The other way is to outsource to an app development company. But, even developing the most basic mobile app with minimum features cost a lot.

Fortunately, there is an easier way available, if you have a WordPress website by converting your WordPress Site into a mobile app.

Below are 5 Free WordPress Plugins that can help you convert your WordPress website into mobile apps:

Mobile apps are beneficial for attracting visitors through various means such as through sending upcoming sales notifications, managing loyalty programs, providing unique digital coupons, and more. Here are the 5 Free WordPress Plugins that could help you turn your website into functional, responsive, and easy to use mobile apps.

1. AppPresser

This WordPress App Builder enables website developers to make iOS and Mobile Apps from WordPress sites quickly and cost-effectively.

The best part is it even allows users to use the device features as well like camera, contacts, and so on. However, you have to first create an app using the app builder and then install the plugin on to your website.

7 Key Features

  1. Provides ability to customize and add features
  2. Live app preview
  3. Ability to change color and design and add custom CSS
  4. Options to choose from side menu or tab
  5. Extension capability to add features like Facebook login, camera, Google maps, and so forth
  6. Modifies WP-API requests to add links of featured images

It fully supports BuddyPress Apps and WooCommerce Apps.

Its Mobile App Framework is an open source software, and so need some technical assistance from a WordPress Developer or a WordPress Development Company.


2. Androapp

Developed by Genius Fools, the plugin is great for converting WordPress Site into Native Android & iOS Mobile App. It is easy to create appealing mobile apps without requiring any programming language.

7 Key Features

  1. Send unlimited push notifications
  2. Deep linking support
  3. WordPress/Facebook comment support
  4. Offline save
  5. Image Zoom, Share and Save
  6. Infinite scroll
  7. Option to use WP super cache

The app builder plugin is fast, secure, and provides both quality and appeal to the app. Besides, it is free for the first month and then the user has to pay and in case they are not willing to pay, even then the app keeps working but the user cannot generate revenue from the ads. However, it does not support BuddyPress Apps and WooCommerce Apps.


3. WordPress Mobile Pack

The plugin helps in WordPress Site into Progressive Mobile Apps. It is updated from time to time and so the users get consistent support from the professional developers.

7 Key Features

  • Apps load instantly irrespective of the kind of network connection used by the user
  • Web push notifications even when the browser is not open
  • Allows smooth navigations, scrolling, and animations
  • Secured via. HTTPS
  • Default theme with 6 abstract covers
  • Ability to customize color and fonts and add graphic elements
  • Articles and posts are in sync to ensure seamlessness
  • Integration with Google analytics is possible

The plugin enables the readers to add the mobile app to their home screen. Its pro version is suitable for professional bloggers and publishing companies, as it comes with the added benefit of customization of a mobile app to brand’s identity, ability to connect with Google DFP & AdSense campaigns, and access to multiple themes.


4. Blappsta

Blappsta is an easy to use plugin that converts a WordPress site into a mobile application for Android and iOS in just few minutes. It does not require any coding skill and so can be used by WordPress Users. Support is also available to upload the mobile app on app store so that users can directly download the app from there.

7 Key Features

  • Customize color and logo
  • Free push notifications
  • Facility for getting app indexed by Google
  • Support videos
  • Shows related articles at the end of the page
  • Share content on Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and email
  • Ability to test using Blappsta preview before final launch

It is fully integrated with WordPress and allows to individualize app menu. Besides, it is free to use.


5. Wappress

The plugin helps in building real-time Android apps for any WordPress Site in just few steps. Wappress has unique features that enable the users to create customize icons, send push notifications, and the ability to monetize the features of the apps.

7 Key Features

  • Google AdMob Interstitial for generating revenue from the app
  • Launcher icon and screen along with the ability to customize into attractive shapes
  • App and sync data instantly
  • Can create a different homepage for App
  • Can keep a different theme for App
  • Screen and theme designer
  • Shortcodes support


The Final Say

Website to App converters are an easy and low-cost way to target mobile users. As an instant solution, it can help you save time and reach to a wide user base. If you have recently invested in WordPress Website, these app builders prove to be a great option to attract mobile traffic, without again investing heavily in mobile. Besides, you can also take help from the WordPress Development Company to synchronize your app with your website.

About The Author:

Siya Carla is Business Development Manager at Finoit Technologies, a leading mobile app development company which makes ideas into reality by providing unique web design and custom software development services.