The Plugins, as you would be familiar with are small codes that you can quickly put in or just plug them into your site. As E-commerce services providers you depend on the internet for the most part of your sales, and the internet corresponds in the language of defined “Codes.” Being a leading WordPress Development Services provider, we utterly understand that there are numerous things that require attention in an online business. And with this scenario, it turns tough to work with complex and lengthy codes that are where the plugins with their small codes become significant. The WordPress plugin development services involve building and installing corporate practice features to your website which helps in extending the functionality of your portal with custom-made plugins.

The Significance of WordPress Plugins for your E-commerce Business Website

The plugins are developed to save time, resources and efforts. They enhance the performance of websites boosting functionalities for the end-users as well as the business owners.

You might think that you could grasp coding and do it by yourself. Yes, you completely can. But why put time and efforts when it’s obtainable for free and does same stuff too for your website portal.

The WordPress plugins have multiple benefits; here are the key ones

  • They cut down your workload and amplify productivity
  • They are resourceful, as once you have installed them work by themselves
  • You can utilize them to trim down costs on building your site from the scratch

There are 40,000+ effortless plugins accessible in the WordPress Plugin Directory. With the immense range to pick from, it might be tempting for the user to add more plugins for flawless functionalities.

To assist you, we have listed down the best 5 WordPress plugins for E-commerce business which you should not be missing out in the year 2019.

1. WooCommerce

The WooCommerce is the one extremely sought after e-commerce plugin across the globe. The most modern statistics suggest that more than 30% of all E-commerce stores worldwide utilize Woocommerce. It is free and can be effortlessly downloaded from the WordPress repository. What’s unique about this plugin is its straightforwardness. It lets the user produce and execute all the characteristics of an E-commerce business right from the dashboard. This easy execution part makes it even more accessible for the different business players to make the spot on changes as and when essential.

Key Benefits

  • With 100s of advanced extensions and themes, it still supports both physical as well as digital products
  • It highly supports utmost payment and shipping selections hence owners can append the payment gateway as per their handiness


  • It does not support some of the themes making it awkward for the website owner 

2. MarketPress

It is a powerful and useful plugin from the WordPress directory. It comprises both the digital and physical goods of your online marketplaces. What’s exclusive about this plugin is its handiness for both the users and the business owners. They help in with all the things that one might require in an e-commerce business along with an exceptional shopping cart feature.

Marketpress makes things easy for E-commerce business owners who want to include a catalog of their at hand products. Turning your products accessible to your end-customer to explore is the best way to market and promote them.

Key Benefit

The plugin facilitates advanced customization features. The exceptional functionality is that they even disallow a meticulous group of people from making purchases from your web portal.


It supports a partial number of payment getaways. Also, it has the superior features, but that is available only in the premium version.

3. Ninja Shop

It is one of the powerful contenders in the WordPress directory. This strong position in the year 2019 is significant because of its capability to sell both digital and tangible products.

Key Benefits:

  • It comprises of an exclusive add-on that provides options to sell subscriptions and memberships on the site for your target users
  • It is unproblematic to set up with the wizards that channel you through the intact buying procedure till the final payments


  • It is still in an emerging stage of maturity and the user community as of now is limited

4. Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

This plugin enables business owners to deal with digital goods and products. It is effortless to manage and assists you to make a fully functional online shop selling digitally.

Key Benefit:

It is completely capable of selling digital downloads. It comprises with 100s of the spot on extensions along with an outsized preference of different payment getaways.


It can get difficult if you are trying to sell physical and affiliate products.

5. Bigcommerce WordPress Plugin

BigCommerce has been offering its E-commerce platform with its own Content Management System (CMS) and access to hosting. BigCommerce for WordPress is a useful E-commerce plugin with fully featured integration options that mingle with the suppleness of the WordPress platform as well as the BigCommerce powerful engine. This plugin with multiple integration preferences has made it possible for millions of merchants on WordPress platform maturing and customizing their E-commerce portals like never before.

Key Benefit:

The access to numerous integration options has made it possible for merchants on the WordPress platform to grow and advance their websites.


Once many online stores get precedent with the initial stages and enter into more superior phases the requirement for explicit store solutions are needed.

Key Takeaways

Now that you have the know-how of top WordPress plugins to have them for your E-commerce business with the assistance of a WordPress Plugins developer is imperative in the year 2019.

However, from the multiple options accessible, which plugin you need to pick will mainly rely on what you are selling online and what functionalities you desire on your website portal. You can hire a WordPress developer for plugins development, implementation as well as the quick installation of ready plugins.

About The Author:

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