Status of WordPress in Germany

WP GermanyThere were reports that open-source blogging tools like WordPress are struggling in Germany. According to Ron Miller of Fierce Content Management, the likes of WordPress find a hard time “to gain the critical mass required” for them to excel because of the presence of a major player, the TYPO3. Miller said the Kasper product dominates big time in the European country due to the fact that it “had already built that ecosystem of people who understood it and had implemented enterprise-class projects.” Despite this, WordPress users are still optimistic about the future of the blog site. In fact, Germany recently hosted a WordPress & Internet Training Course that was attended by delegates from 50 nations that includes the United States, France, Norway, Belgium, India, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. The two-day event, which was held in the ESKAR housing on April 15 and 16, was among the biggest WordPress event in the country.

Setting a WordPress account in Germany can really be profitable. This is because of the wide range of topics and services that Germans patronize. Locals who want to be famous or have something where they can channel their thoughts or sell products can turn to WordPress. Aside from being free, WP is also easy to customize and navigate.

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WordPress in Germany has a long way to go. It may be facing a stiff competition but the market is too big to be dominated by just one open-source software. The Internet course in ESKAR housing, which was by the way attended by 10,000 students, is a proof of how big WordPress gets into the country. The presence of a major player is not really a huge obstacle. The secret for your blog to succeed is your unparalleled creativity.